Besta Wall and Floor Boards and Panels

Besta Board Properties

Density Kg/m3 Nominal 950 to 1200 kg/M3
Tensile Strength Mpa Minimum 5Mpa
Bending Strength Mpa Minimum 9Mpa-16Mpa
Thinkness Tolerance Ln m m ±0.5
Specific Absorption Ratio Maximum in % 22%
Moisture Distortion Rate Maximum in % 0.34%
Sustained Combustion Time in % 0%
Length Tolerance in mm ±4
Shock Strength KJ/m2 Minimum 5.5KJ/M2
Thermal Conductivity W/m K Maximum 0.132W/mk
No Asbestos Content  
Flatness in m m 2mm
Temperature Shrinkage Rate in % Maximum 0.1%
Fire Redundancy (Non-Combustible A Grade) A Grade
Minimum Bending strength Mpa 10.5Mpa

Besta Chemical Compositions

Substance Name Properties Proportion(by weight)
Magnesium Oxide Non- hazardous 65%
material for shipping
Non- hazardous 25%
material for shipping
non-woven mesh
Non- hazardous <10%
material for shipping
Talc Non- hazardous <5%
material for shipping
Other non
ingredients (fillers)
Non- hazardous <5%
material for shipping

Master Test Result Summaries on BESTA Mgo Board & Panel System A) Test Results on Material Property (10mm thick & 16mm thick Mgo boards ) (Updated on 12th January 2009

S/N Type of Test Clause,Methods Besta Mgo Board(10mm thick) Besta Mgo Board(16mm thick)
1 Density Cl.6.3,ISO TR 1896 1060kg/m3 1030kg/m3
2 Bending Strength (Dry and Saturated) Cl.6.4,ISO TR 1896 5.5N/mm2(Dry);6.0N/mm2(Saturated) 10.1N/mm2(Dry);9.5N/mm2(Saturated)
3 Linear Thermal Shrinkage Cl.6.7,ISO TR 1896 Samples softened &crumpled after subjected to 950℃ for 4hrs Max.shinkage:-2.2%; Max.expansion:+2.3% after subjected to 950℃ for 4 hrs
4 Moisture Movement Cl.8,ASTM C 1185 0.08% 0.21%
5 Water Absorption Cl.9,ASTM C 1185 22.00% 21.60%
6 Moisture Content Cl.10,ASTM C 1185 9.60% 7.50%
7 Water Tightness Cl.11,ASTM C 1185 Dampness appeard after 5 hours Withstand 50mm water head without sign of dampness at bottom suface after 24 hours
8 Non-Combustibiltiy BS 476:Part4 Non-combustible material N.A
9 Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518 0.132 W/m k (300*300*10mm) N.A
10 Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518 0.133 W/m k (300*300*100mm sandwich panel)
11 Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518 0.196 W/m k (600*600*128mm sandwich panel)

(Netional Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials)
Report No.:200531703

No. Test Item Standard Index(qualified product) Test Result Judge
1 Bending strength ,Mpa ±14 15.8 pass
2 Tensile strength ,Mpa ≥5 5.4 pass
3 Water absorption ,% ±28 20.9 pass
4 Aqueous alkali out resistance No water and no dampness No water and no dampness pass
5 Impacting strength ,KJ/m2 ≥1.9 5.1 pass
6 Fire
retardaney(A grade)
average exotherm in furnace,℃ ±50 7 pass
sustained combustion time,s ±20 0 pass
mass loss,% ±50 41 pass
7 Apparent density ,t/m3 ≤1.5 0.93 pass
8 Frost-resistance 25 times circuations later,Node larm inations and no chaps No delam inations and no chaps
9 Moisture content ,% 14.8
10 asbestos content no asbestos fbers no asbestos fbers

The tests of Frost-resistance are carried out according to GB/T 7019-1997
The Test of asbestos content is cattied out according to HBC19-2005
Fire & Acousitc Rating Reference

Item Fire-proof Limit Front Thickness Back Thickness
Steel-column Wrapping 2h 12mm 12mm
2-2.5h 12mm 12mm
3h 15mm 15mm
Steel-beam Wrapping 1.5h 10mm 10mm
2h 10mm 12mm