High Strength Low Alloy(HSLA) Steel Structure


HSLA Steel Structure

High Frequency Welding, also referred to as Fusion Welding is the class to which the Electron Beam Welding process belongs, used to produce Light Gauge steel H Beams.

In electron beam welding (EBW) a beam of high-velocity electrons is applied to the materials being joined. The work pieces along with the filler metal, if used, melt as the kinetic energy of the electrons is transformed into heat upon impact, to form part of the weld. The welding is often done in conditions of a vacuum to prevent dispersion of the electron beam.

The three primary methods of EBW are each applied in different welding environments.

Vacuum welding
Low pressure welding
In-air welding

Benifits of High Frequency Welding Technology

Using High Frequency welding technology one can continuously weld three strips of steel together. It is possible to obtain customized small cross sections (Minimum from 50mm x 50mm to maximum section of 500mm x 300mm) and customized thickness of H section (Min. from 2.0 mm to 10 mm). Additionally customized cutting to length maximises efficiency and minimises wastage.

An engineer may design according to specific requirements and not be limited by standard Hot Roll H beam sizes. This results in enhanced efficiency and reduced costs while offering supporting more creative designs.

Benefits of Employing HFW to produce H Beams

High Frequency Welding provides the benefits listed below to the H Beams:

  • Single pass welding of thick joints
  • Hermetic seals of components retaining a vacuum
  • Low distortion
  • Low contamination in vacuum
  • Weld zone is narrow
  • Heat affected zone is narrow
  • Dissimilar metal welds of some metals
  • Uses no filler metal
  • Fast construction time to maximise returns for developers
  • Large cost savings by virtue of reduced structure weights, as structural members may be
  • customized to specific thickness, cross sections and lengths

Makes optimised container loading possible thereby reduces shipping costs

Minimum wastage during production and fabrication also reduces costs

Efficiency for architectural and structural designs is increased

High Strength Low Alloy(HSLA) Steel Structure