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Building Systems

Building Systems


  • Green & clean construction.
  • Ecological & Sustainable Construction.
  • Minimum pollution (noise & debris) and disturbances.
  • Fast and dry construction.
  • Less man hours for the total construction period.
  • Minimum use of natural resources like formworks cements and reinforced concrete.
  • Steel structures have high structural flexibility to accommodate earth quakes and hurricanes.
  • Minimum hoisting, heavy equipment's and site welding are required.
  • All materials are pre-manufactured in the factories, facilitating the site installation under most of the weather conditions.
  • Masonry look-alike houses

Over View of Construction Process

  • Preparation of civil & foundation at site as according to design requirement.
  • Installation of Steel structure as according to site condition equipment's availability and comply with drawings given.
  • After pre-assemble of all steel structure, ensure properly & correctly secure the structure in position & alignment.
  • After properly tightening of foundation bolts between the foundation & column's base plate, grouting the base plate & casting of the Ground floor concrete slab.
  • Installation of pre-stress concrete plank for Ground and all upper floors.
  • Installation of galvanize steel truss & Roofing system.
  • Installation of Light weight concrete panel for External & Internal wall.
  • Installation of Magnesium fire resistance board for all columns and beams.
  • Installation of ceiling.
  • Installation of standard Window & Door.
  • Apply Skin Coat on the external &internal wall.
  • External & Internal wall painting & Tiling.