ALC/AAC Panels


Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete(ALC)/Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Panels

ALC is the generic abbreviation for what is known in the industry as Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete. ALC incorporates features that have long been desired by architects, engineers and builders in the building materials they work with. This brochure targets industry professionals who are on the look out for materials which provide high overall standards vis a vis better energy efficiency, higher cost savings and better fire safety. ALC will assist even the everyday citizen to plan an energy efficient home.

ALC is the quintessential green building material. With a lower manufacturing impact on the environment, ALC is recyclable and known to have nil emission of gases during manufacture. It goes on to provide resistance to termites, water, fire and sound. ALC is the preferred choice due to these benefits. ALC comes with a huge variety as a finished product; from wall or roof panels to lintels or blocks, there is a form to suit most needs. It significantly outperforms conventional concrete blocks or poured concrete.

Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel ( ALC Panel )

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