Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel ( ALC Panel )

ALC/AAC Features

From the processing of raw materials to waste disposal, ALC panels' high resource efficiency ensures low environmental impact.

ALC panels have a high thermal insulation factor and are well suited among concrete based material for internal and external construction. Its can be easily routed, sanded and cut on-site. This makes working with ALC panels quicker and easier.

A five factor weight reduction compared to concrete leads to lesser carbon dioxide emissions during transportation.

Reduced space heating and cooling in buildings by virtue of ALC panels superior thermal efficiency significantly lowers the negative impact on the environment.

Accurate cutting made possible by increased workability minimises solid waste generation, while the ability to be used without insulation products lowers construction cost.

With a lower dry specific gravity; a fifth of common concrete and a third of hollow bricks it significantly takes away from the cumulative weight of the building thereby lowering costs at base and frame.

Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel ( ALC Panel )

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